Dutch Fortress Museum

From past to present

Discover the various museums, monuments and historical places in Noord-Holland.

Cruquius Museum

Visit Museum De Cruquius and be astonished about the power of nineteenth century steam technology.


You can stay overnight in Noord-Holland on almost all imaginable ways. There is something for everyone's preference. Both the big cities, but also the smaller villages are equipped with various accommodations.

Discover Noord-Holland by boat

Noord-Holland the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts. Sailing along the waterways in an electric boat is another great way to discover this area. There are a number of routes to choose from.

Things to do

Discover the variety of arts and culture Noord-Holland has to offer. Visit it the variety of museums, learn all about its history of heritage sights, or experience any of its lively annual festivals or art fairs. And don’t miss the many arts and heritage events, combining regional history and traditional folk costumes!

Spring in Noord-Holland

Every spring the entire region bursts into vivid colour as bulbs shoot and millions of flowers blossom.


Welkom in Noord-Holland

24 July 2012

Strandbewaking Texel

24 July 2012

"De zee kust het land'

24 July 2012

10 Texel

24 July 2012

Haarlem Licht

24 July 2012

Ontdek Noord-Holland

24 July 2012

Texel Nieuws

24 July 2012

ondek noord holland

24 July 2012